Like Hummus

Entée et Hommage, VisarteSwitzerland 


︎ Where: Visarte Basel
︎ Role: Artist 
︎ Support: Visarte Schweiz

Steel / Resin / Lotusleaves

Like Hummus is a sculpture that takes its concept from the group exhibition it is in Entrée et Hommage. Run by the oldest association of visual arts in Switzerland.

like hummus could be described as a homage to the dead and the living, a growing lightbox which welcomes the living but compressed in nature and eases out the dead. sitting at hummus level the viewer is engulfed beneath the foliage.

Angela Anzi / Marianne Büttiker / Francesco Camponovo / Katharina Good / Heikedine Günther / Anuk Jovovic / Sophie Jung / Sophie Mercedes Lardon / Chantal Molleur / Francisco Moura Veiga / Dawn Nilo / Kathrin Siegrist / Jürg Stäuble
Marcello Berlinger /Maya Herzig / Paula Pakery Keller / Erich Münch / Leo Remond