Raw Cynara
- a Kinetic Dinner happening  part I 



︎ Where: M45 Projektraum,CH
︎ Soloshow
︎ Support: Visarte,

‚Raw Cynara’ (2019) is a project that explored the realms of sculpture, kinetics and nature.

This immersive piece consists of a series of sculptures inspired by the artichoke. At the centre of the exhibition was a kinetic table, where the audience was invited to partake in a three-course meal, enabling the audience to become part of the show and fully immerse themselves in the work. The act of dining encourages the dialogue between the experience of the piece and the viewer.

                                                                                       Graphic designer- Ben Brodmann / Film - Neveli Avgeris / Edit - Jonathan Hug / Music -  Florian Haas