Leftovers - 
a Kinetic Dinner happening part II 


︎ Where: Schlumpf, Riehen 
︎ Role: Exhibiting Artist 
︎ Group Exhibition 
︎ Funding: Sarasin Gallery,    Kulturpauschale, GGG, Kulturkick, Private, Patroness

InRelation presents a group exhibition reacting and relating to the exhibition space. In an old garage questions about space, light people and nature were ventured.

Whilst the 1000sqm space was introduced by Severine Hallauers performances and work made in residency, followed by Sophie Mercedes Lardons kinetic dinner experiences. in the quiet and the dark of the caller of the carwash, the public was invited to multiple video experiences by Ronja Römmelt, whilst Meret and Livia Pardey performed their way through the exhibition, pointing out different interventions of space and context.

Here Studio Mercedes further ventures into a classical dinner in an unusual setting, enabling the audience to become part of the installation and play in the in between of design, experience and the surreal.
heightening a sense of exchange with each other, the food and their surroundings.

Many thanks to the Team and production Artists -Sophie Mercedes Lardon -Meret Pardey - Severine Hallauer   -Ronja Römmelt - Lavinia Pardey I Curation Meret Pardey & Celine Stotz I Gatro Concept Sophie Lardon & Anne Burowski Catering Laura Pol, Nacho, Noemie Mischler, Amselbräu, Schlipf Weine, Liona Lutz