RA Lates: L’Observatoire

Rose Sélavy’s
Dada Extravaganza   


︎ Where: Royal Academy of Arts, London
︎ Role: Perfromance Designer
︎ Support: Royal Academy Of Arts, Heritage Fund 

Royal Academy of Arts I Observatoire

an immersive experience in collaboration with the Royal College of art for the RA Lates: Rose Sélavy’s Dada Extravaganza -Dada Extravaganza - a series of late-night events, inspired by the current exhibitions at the Royal Academy London.
Agents from Le Bureau de l’Optique, Illusion, Chance, Eroticism and the 4th Dimension investigate visitors’ fates, desires, and favourite fruits.

This project is a collaboration between the Royal College of Art IED Space Program, partnered with UCL Dr Andrew Pontzen and his team of astrophysicists on a site-specific installation and performance into the fantastic complexity of space across microscopic, human and universal scales.