Eyeloveyou macht Puff X

Immersive Event 


︎ Where: Malte Frank        gallery 
︎ Role: Set and              Perfomance Director
︎ Client: Eyeloveyou        Advertising Agency 

For the 10th anniversary the agency Eyeloveyou  hired us to devise an extravagant, slightly naughty lavishing celebration. Following the brief we created an immersive experience, devising individual roles for the whole agency and hiring performers to host throughout the night, taking the audience into each of the hidden parts of the 300sqm space.

Entering into a Laundry straight from a Guy Ritchie movie and finding us dancing and being led by vibrator mechanics, naked ironers, butcher and all sorts of debauchery Scarlette woman from the underground.

no performers were hurt by the process

Many Thanks To

The Whole Eyeloveyou Team 

Studio Mercedes Helpers: Manuela Luterbach / Gervais Lardon / Tosca Waeber /Laura Pol

Gabriella Solimann- Gold Lady /Nahom Meheret - Vibartor Mechanic  / Joris Mundwiler - Naked Ironer / Elias Buess - Drinks Magician